May 85 Porsche 930 Turbo £65,000
The Widow Maker!

The 80′s are back! Get your massive mobile phones out, proudly display your chest hair, invest liberally in the stock maket and do it all from beind the wheel of this bedroom wall icon. The bulging rear arches are reminiscent of a young Whitney Houston’s shoulder pads and the Ruff […]

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Jul 99 Aston Martin DB7 £31,995
Astonishing Aston

By the early 1990s it was obvious Aston Martin would need to increase production in order to survive. Victor Gauntlett suggested that a new, smaller Aston Martin should be built alongside the big V8 Astons, a car that could be sold in all markets and that would be less expensive. […]

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Jan 08 Mercedes SLK55 AMG £21,000
Mercedes Muscle

350bhp in small 2 seater. The AMG badge on the back of this Mercedes says it all. The noise is thunderous and the excitement, instant. Few factory tuning arms provide the drama that the AMG brand does, and with just 17,000 miles this could be the best example around!

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