Oct 15 Audi A3 Saloon S-tronic £16,995 £16,995
As New

This 2016 model A3 was destined for delivery to Japan before we stepped in. The model spec looks to be equivalent to a sport. There are sensors, reverse camera, colour dash display, pop up sat-nav (ready for UK map conversion) and a myriad of other controls such as phone connectivity […]

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Nov 15 Vw Tiguan 1.4 DSG £16,995

Grey Imports are back; save Thousands on other local prices! This Tiguan is as new, still in protective plastic with 600 delivery miles (Germany to Guernsey) on the clock. Tiguan Automatics (DSG) are currently only available in the UK with Diesel engine options, but this 1.4 turbo petrol engine direct […]

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Aug 15 Renault Clio GT Line £11,995

Renault are making some seriously good cars these days, and this is one such vehicle. The GT Line looks and handles like a Renault sport car and the Turbo charged 1.2l engine does a great job of getting it down the road. 5 doors and a large boot make this […]

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Jun 53 Peugeot 203 A £11,995

A classic and rare Peugeot in stunning condition. Column shift gears, suicide doors and

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Jul 73 VW Beetle £7,650
Beautiful Bug

An original, and near perfect 1973 VW Beetle. Very hard to find good original cars now, and they don’t get any better than this. Superb service history, lots of MOTs and documents. Not to be missed for a seriously good, usable classic.

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May 85 Porsche 930 Turbo £65,000
The Widow Maker!

The 80′s are back! Get your massive mobile phones out, proudly display your chest hair, invest liberally in the stock maket and do it all from beind the wheel of this bedroom wall icon. The bulging rear arches are reminiscent of a young Whitney Houston’s shoulder pads and the Ruff […]

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